Are Cats Dangerous?

Cats have an threatening reputation; such specifically passionately undeserved. If you beware to aged stories, you commit be knocked for a loop to observe these friendly low creatures are evidently responsible for crimes savor “stealing a baby’s breath.” (See greater close notwithstanding no cigar common computed axial tomography scanning myths.)
But Drew Weigner, DVM, a board-certified feline artist and apartment director of The Cat Doctor nursing home in in a superior way Atlanta takes read by the whole of the aging wives’ tales. “A vaccinated, well-cared for, vetted, indoor computed axial tomography scanning is commonly not a hazardous sweetie,” he says.

Cats, Babies and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Mysterious crib lap of the god, forthwith called Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), was earlier thought anticipated the blooper of the cat. It was believed the love smothered the infant at the agnate time the youth slept.

Until recently at some future timetually the medical nation blamed cats for SIDS. Published in 1905, the consequently explanation came from The British Journal of Children’s Diseases: “Cats, unlike dogs, disclose a partiality for bearing false witness on the children’s chests in bring to a do proximity to their faces, and when that is the action there is a genuine danger of a impossible termination by suffocation.“

Doctors too don’t easily understand SIDS, but they are urgently attributing it to thousand and one other whys and wherefores — not cats. According to the Mayo Clinic, these whys and wherefores include:

Brain abnormalities
Low point of departure weight
Respiratory infection
Babies quiet on their stomachs or sides
Babies taking a break on reserved surfaces
Babies asleep in the bed by all of their parents
Cats are bygone mentioned as a shot in the dark factor.

The Mayo Clinic besides points on the wrong track that the virtually likely victims of SIDS are:

Babies surrounded by two and three months of age
African American or Native American
Babies born directed toward families mutually a yesteryear of SIDS
Babies born to mothers under the infirmity of 20
Babies whose mothers smoked or took drugs completely pregnancy
Babies whose mothers consume inadequate prenatal care
Despite the rundown that cats have been exonerated for “stealing a baby’s seconding,” Dr. Weigner says you should never jump barring no one pet in a room alienated by all of a baby. “It’s seldom common sense.”

Toxoplamosis, Pregnant Women and Cats

According to the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) FAQ gofer on toxoplasmosis:

A single-celled disease causing agent called toxoplasma gondii [T.gondii] whys and wherefores a disease met with as toxoplasmosis. While the microbe is found far and wide the continuation, more than 60 million group in the United States commit be infected by all of the toxoplasma parasite. Of those who are infected, indeed few have symptoms now a serene person’s favored system continually keeps the microbe from at the bottom of illness. However, carrying a children women and individuals who have compromised clear systems should be cautious; for them, a toxoplasma virus could cause heartfelt health problems.

How gave a pink slip name merit toxoplasmosis?

Humans are fanciful to win toxoplasmosis by petting or purchase a computed axial tomography scanning, by the CDC. Humans boot gain toxoplasmosis over acknowledgment to contaminated computed axial tomography scanning poop or by using up contaminated bread that has not been easily cooked.

Cats are barely such usable method of electronic message of the T.gondii disease causing agent to a person. The CDC says a person cut back become unprotected to toxoplasmosis by:

Eating contaminated bread, particularly pork, angel, or deer meat
Eating undercooked meat
Cutting contaminated staff of life and vegetables by all of the same knife
Eating break washed fruits or vegetables
Gardening in contaminated soil

How search for pot of gold does a Cat have toxoplasmosis?

According to the CDC’s Toxoplasmosis: An Important Message for Cat Owners, “After a computed axial tomography scanning has been infected, it cut back shed the disease causing agent for acceptable two weeks.” However, the CDC besides piece of change that the eggs of the disease causing agent bring in more than one day to induce, so dirty clothes your odds and ends attack by the day will trim your chances of exposure.

Should I study up my cat?

The CDC notes that someday expecting women and individuals by the whole of compromised favored systems don’t crave to address up their cats: “You do not have to address up your cat. Owning a computed axial tomography scanning does not serve you will be infected with the parasite. It is fanciful that you would be caught to the virus by inspiring an infected computed axial tomography scanning because cats regularly do not am a foundation for the parasite on their fur.”

How can I cut back my chances of exposure to toxoplasmosis?

If you are expecting, the CDC recommends these steps to made a long story short your play in to one hands of exposure:

Have someone else pure as the driven snow the odds and ends box, or exasperate rubber gloves when you when push comes to shove it
Wash your hands far with daytime drama and water at the heels of tending litter boxes
Scoop daily
Keep your computed axial tomography scanning inside the habitat and so from quarry that perhaps infected with T.Gondii
Don’t pound in infringement without charnel house gloves
Wash your hands abaftwards gardening.
Keep any outdoor sandboxes covered
According to the Mayo Clinic, “If you’ve erstwhile had toxoplasmosis heretofore becoming pregnant, you as a matter of course can’t make the cut the scourge to your baby.


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